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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] finally, Adidas decided to expose more ambition in the field of basketball. According to ESPN news, the German brand is hoping to use the famous 13-year $ 200 million shoe contract grabbed James? Harden from Nike hands. If Nike does not match the amount of the contract, Adidas will get the Houston Rockets star headed, while the latter will be among the "world's highest 25 Professional Athletes," the Forbes list. Although so far not to meddle in the regular season championship MVP or other top honors, but Harden is likely to get this year worth $ 15.4 million shoe contract, is the NBA's top sponsorship contracts - higher than Delhi g? Ross (14.23 million per year), less than Durant (30 million per year) and LeBron? James (20 million per year). Of course, just the beginning of the chase Harden Adidas basketball expand business. 2014-2015 season, the Nike players in the NBA has a contract for up to 283, about four times more ??????? - only 70. For this reason, global general manager of basketball operations, has recently Adidas Grand Theo statement: "The buy cheap jordans online five-year, Adidas will invest next basketball more money." Until 2020, Adidas expects NBA players have contracts can It is twice as high. (. Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Chinese footwear Footwear News Top Ten Brands Award: Saturday, Orem Fort, Li Ning)Translator's note: Adidas and Reebok's "marriage" is typical of each other, Adidas in professional sports, especially football aspects dominate, and the successful introduction of fashion put Reebok sports preparation; Adidas is very strong in Europe and Asia while Reebok in North America performed very well, a combination of both complement each other very complementary. & Nbsp; Some have argued in recent years, China's sports shoes also should walk consolidation and expansion of the scale of the road, this should be very careful for the better. Currently on the Chinese domestic athletic footwear market, although there are a lot of brands, but these brand positioning fuzzy, qualities not evident. No trait, it would not complementary, barely merger can only "fat horse drag thin, thin horse slow death", China's sports shoe market is still evolv cheap air jordans ing, and the European and North American markets is far from mature, dust off When might also be prescribed after many years. CEO Herbert Heller (Herbert & nbsp; Hainer) illustrates the logical Reebok after the transaction, as well as why he put the combined company as a huge step forward. Adidas - Salomon CEO Herbert Hainer may be one of Europe's best CEO of the body, the evidence is that he often wore his company one of the most iconic products: running shoes. The lanky former semi-professional footballer in recent weeks takes a lot of effort because he finally decided to Adidas $ 3.8 billion acquisition of the headquarters in Canton (Canton) (Massachusetts) sports clothing maker Reebok International. Prior to August 3 announced the deal, Heiner and his staff and consultants based in Adidas Bavaria (Bavarian) in Herzogenaurach (Herzogenaurach) night work. After that, Heiner immediately launched its world tour to the investment community value of the deal, he was editor in Frankfurt and the "Business Weekly" (US, Translator's Note) of the European region Ai Devon Jack (Jack & nbsp; Ewing). Expand the dialogue, the following is a jordans on sale online n excerpt from their conversation: & nbsp; Q: You have just completed a tour in London and Frankfurt explanation next week in New York and Boston will be a repeat of what you want to get a reaction from investors and analysts there? A: The good response, I guess. The best way to always measure the stock price, the stock response has been very positive. I think most people's reactions are positive. Q: After the deal was announced, you mentioned in a conference call on mergers and acquisitions will increase your product development, you're going to the future merger of Adidas and Reebok's R & D department it? A: We will certainly keep the two brands separate, but they will certainly share more information in research and development, such as patents and new technologies. Our R & D department can be compared in the Adidas Company has more innovation and new technologies. You need money, you need talent, you need energy, you are certainly a wider basis of all of these things come to share. A technique can be started from the Adidas brand, in the year after the introduction of the Reebok. Q: There is a concept Adidas representative of jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black the German engineer, is running shoes in the BMW (the & nbsp; BMW), while Reebok is more street fashion, this is right? After all, you come from P & G (Procter & nbsp; & amp; & nbsp; Gamble) instead of BMW. A: But we've just announced a collaboration with Porsche (Porsche) it! I would say to the German people, (this concept) it is a clich??s? This was right in the past, and now I'm not sure. We are definitely more professional sports brand, we want to be introduced to the market in innovation and new technology products leader. Reebok is more American sports and lifestyle - music inspired by the brand. Q: You say the brand's qualities will remain separate, brand qualities you think will fundamentally change? A: No, I do not think so. We certainly are more rooted in European sports, such as football sports brand. Reebok is more contact with American sports, such as baseball and American football. Q: How do you ensure synergistic effect, while maintaining the characteristics of each brand? A: I believe that these two brands are very complementary, beginning from the geographical. Reebok is stronger in the United States than we are jordans on sale mens , but we are much stronger in Europe and Asia. When you pay attention to the type of movement ... they are very strong women business, (especially) women aerobic fitness. We have individual sports, running and tennis. Consumer base is different, we are facing the real athletes and sports professionals, while Reebok is more fashion and music together. Reebok in urban black market is undoubtedly much stronger than me we, which we do not have the foundation of consumers. Q: Which sector you want grouped together, what you want to be kept separate? A: Reception, marketing and sales, we will remain separate. All background, administrative, we will certainly merge. No doubt we can do a lot of things, from the media to the right bidder outsourcing, outsource our products nearly 5 billion euros ($ 6.15 billion), there must be respect synergistic. Q: For example, you will actually have a joint media buying, creative advertising, but will remain separate? A: Exactly. It relates to media actually buy, of course, we will use it to obtain economic benefits on the scale. Q: Let's go back this is how to get started, you and Reebok CEO Paul Fire Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale man (Paul & nbsp; Fireman) is at last year's Athens Olympics first met? A: I've known Paul for several years, we on several occasions before the plane touched. Because of the business we are in Athens, we drank a second coffee. We talked about the business, the market, and of course the United States, because both of us are not satisfied with our position in the US, if compared with our main competitors (Nike) words. This I call it the starting point. (Later) we keep in touch by phone. After that, I think it was in November, and I in the United States after finishing things, give Paul called and said: We sat down together - and then, the idea is really to become "have time to eat lunch?" the reality, intensive negotiations began. Q: What do you think negotiations with Reebok's the most difficult part? A: I do also think that for Paul, this is a sad decision, because this is its children. He built this company, I grew up - it will not be easy to sell. But he is a very professional businessman, you can learn from his experience in, "If I want to see my company continue to grow in the future and healthy development, it is best to my cheap foamposites colleagues and others." For him words, the obvious partner is Adidas. Q: Why is this Bisalameng (the ski and sports equipment manufacturers are being sold to Finland's Amer Sports program) merger better? A: I hope that we have learned nothing from Salomon acquisition in doing right, what wrong. Fair, in which Salomon, Taylor & nbsp; Made (golf products) part of the performance was very good, some of the operators Salomon badly. Winter sports equipment business and sports shoes and apparel with something completely different. Reebok's business - which we have engaged in a 75-year thing, the marketing of sports shoes and apparel. We are familiar with all the players in this industry, we know how to produce, we know how to market, we are familiar with retail partners, we are familiar with Reebok's strengths and weaknesses, because our job is to analyze competitors. This is eight years ago are completely different things. Q: Do you expect this action will lead to your other actions the industry it? A: I personally think that consolidation will continue. Q: What kind of deal we will see? A: I do not know. 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There is also a destroyer jacket and enjoy the dream team performance, we also do not forget to look through the old shoe to cherish the memory of that year dream team style. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News) Related news & nbsp; once again to Hamburg in the North German cities pay tribute to, Adidas originals recently was born in 1983 classic shoes Hamburg launched new "made in Germany" series. Black and red two pairs of color are used superior texture of leather shoes production, respectively to the white bar with the heel and bronzing logo embellishment, is composed of a rubber outsole to draw the outline of a strong retro flavor. The se Retro jordans for sale ries of shoes will be landing in August 11th Overkill and other designated shops. (Editor: YOYO) NIKE and Kanye Jay-Z West --NIKE DUNK LOW CUSTOM dunk VINTAGE AMERICAN Otis. As the name suggests, a variety of elements of the United States is certainly essential. From the color, blue and white color has become the main style. In the use of materials with blue retro tannins, red and white paint with burst, is composed by artificial leather. It is important to highlight the theme of the American dream, shoe surface also rules of distribution with a star in, also in order to highlight the United domineering also specially selected, strong metal texture golden shoelaces. Like friends, please continue to pay attention to the follow-up report. source: nicekicks ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Jordan CMFT Viz Air 13 JORDAN BRDAND in 2011, the flagship of the shoes, in the United States has also achieved good sales. Today brought to you is a new color Jordan CMFT Viz Air 13 white / black card blue color. White with North card blue, has been Jordan shoes more commonly used colors, but also by the Sneaker's favorite. The White / Black / blue Jordan CMFT Viz Air 13 is expected to be on sale next month. The official offering date is April 6th, at $115. Gucci let winter shoe charm again swept the fashion and quality circles, the capacity to launch a six Jobon English collocation carved set, red green and white color signs not only appear at the bottom, also appeared red green laces surprise staggered, can be said to be a complete expression of Gucci men's shoes in the winter of this year will end the standard single product brand intention a.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas, athletes dedication and enthusiasm left more than 70 years of unparalleled products for the brand, it is these accumulated Adidas Classic Series (Originals) birth provides the base lay. Classic Series (Originals) is to select the best product in the history of Adidas as the blueprint were slightly modified after its re-release of fabrics and styles. The entire series become more fashion-oriented products, including shoes, clothing and bags and other accessories. In order to meet the development needs of the traditional sports brand fashion products, Adidas will its brand architecture has been reclassified. Adidas now owns the three major series: sports performance series (Sports Performance), sports the traditional series (Sports Heritage) and sports fashion series (Sports Style). Classic Series (Originals) belonging to sport traditional series, using clover logo. Clover from 1972 became the Adidas logo, when all Adidas products use the logo. Clover shaped like the Earth stereoscopic 3D plane development, much like a map of the world, she symbolizes the three stripes extend to the world. Since 1996, clover logo is specifically used in the classic series (Originals) product. 2001, the first Adidas Classic Series (Originals) store opened in Berlin, Germany. Currently in Tokyo, New York, USA, South Korea, Singapore has the classic series stores. From October 2001, Adidas Classic Series stores in Shanghai. will fly Glory revealed based on the laser pattern imprint in the body of the shoe, Jordan Dub Zero will bring the new color to the Jordan Brand 30 years of glorious history. This Jordan Dub Zero "laser" today has officially on sale, the official website has already been sold out and want to continue with the friends may wish to try when the passenger grab shoe artifact for I order after the replenishment capabilities. This hybrid shoes can be described as is relates to the combination of quite a few positive element, to AJ13 upper line based, with AJ20 laser upper technology and carve out the air jordan boots ages. A design of AJ11 patent leather style and AJ12, is to let the shoe shine. In addition to the AJ17's lace buckle and AJ15 woven heel, but also to make this shoe is very rich. And AJ6's shoes, it is in the momentum for the Dub Zero Jordan to do upgrade. AJ4 soles of the selection, the tone of the Dub Zero Jordan is set in the category of Lifestyle. And this pair of shoes on all the algebra involved together, just for 100, so called Zero Dub. Below and then through the details of the taste of the next bar! when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma fight against fakes!! Immediately search Apple App store to download and install the artifact APP-- artifact when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", micro-blog search "when the guest"!! source: PoliticsSneaker

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